Washington D.C. was deemed “fittest city in the nation” by the American Fitness Index in 2014, 2015, and 2016, only to be bumped to third place in 2018—just behind Arlington, VA and Minneapolis, MN. Frankly, we’re going to say Arlington qualifies as DC but Minneapolis is the most bike friendly city in the country, how can we compete with that?! 

The answer is the diverse and accessible fitness community here in the District: there are hundreds of classes and studios, each with it’s own special vibe! So, why does ElectionCycle matter? We are the H Street Corridors only cycling studio. Plus, we promote not only fitness, but also camaraderie, community, and acceptance in a time where these values are dwindling as a result of the polarized nature of our political system. 

ElectionCycle is also woman-owned and run. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming of everyone in this beautiful nation’s capital, regardless of experience, race, gender, religion, or sexual identity. The H Street neighborhood, and DC as a whole, needs a place where people can come together under the premise of bettering ourselves through health, exercise, and just plain old letting loose.



Come for a ride on our bikes, pump some weights while you ride (if you wish). End class with a cool eucalyptus towel.

Sweaty? Promise you will be! Enjoy our shower, and plush towels! Plus use our premium toiletries while you're at it! And don't even worry this isn't paid for by your taxes!


1108 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002