Welcome to the SPIN ROOM


While Metro may squeeze you in like cattle, we promise we won't! Each class is capped at 24 people so everyone can get the individual attention they deserve.


Political Party
Our standard, Political Party, is a fifty-minute, beat-driven cycling class. Our instructors will coach you through adding resistance to build strength while keeping a pace to test and improve your endurance. It is an intense workout, incorporating upper body movement and light weights to give you a full body burn!

Express Spin
Want to catch a quick workout during your lunch break? Find yourself with some extra time between errands? Working from home? Join us for Express Spin, a forty-minute sweat sesh designed to give you a midday reset/refresh?.

Throwback/Theme Thursdays
We may take you back to the Reagan-Bush Era or maybe just Obama! Either way, you'll be singing your heart out and reliving your earlier days!

Jungle Primary
60 minute weekend class devoted to kicking your "donkey!" Work off the late night &pizza and come to this wild party!

Party on the bike to all your favorite, unedited trap hits. From Jeezy and Weezy and a sprinkle of C. Breezy to Gucci and Uzi and Migos oh my! Come ready for that #werk and leave feeling like a #boss!

Super Tuesdays
This themed class, which changes weekly and is offered only on Tuesdays will leave you singing, dancing, and partying with Hamilton, Taylor Swift, and many others!