Why Us

At ElectionCycle we combine state of the art equipment, cutting edge fitness
techniques, affordable prices, and mindfulness practices into an invigorating
workout. Our goal is to provide a one-stop- shop for a full body and mind workout.

While there are many qualities that set us apart from other studios, here are just a few of our favorites.... we like to think of them as our D's and R's:



It could be the combination of the cost of living, the lack of a work life balance or maybe the dating scene...but it's clear that politics isn't the only thing causing anxiety in DC. Our goal is to workout your mind and body to increase brain functioning, increased sense of clarity and lower anxiety.

Reasonably Priced

At Election Cycle we believe that a fitness membership shouldn't cost more than a car payment. We are proud to be the most affordable spin studio in DC. 



Dynamic Stretches:

We focus on stretching (promote lean muscles) (SAY MORE HERE)


We want our members to feel as though they are part of a community and family. Throughout the year we will host socials, organize community projects and do all that we can to serve/be a community.